DOT Physical

It is a requirement for the drivers by the Department of Transportation (DOT) in the state of California to undergo regular medical check-ups to ensure good health and safety on the road. It is known as a DOT physical examination and it grants a medical certificate to the driver so that he or she may obtain a commercial driver?s license. The person is required to keep that license along with their DOT physical medical certificate with them whenever they are driving a commercial vehicle. The DOT physical exam puts some restrictions to the commercial drivers depending on their health and wellbeing for their own safety.

DOT Physical

It is important to learn the DOT physical rules and regulations before appearing for such an exam. There are some other DOT-related services as well for drivers and their employers in order to keep them compliant. These services include;

  • Drug Testing ? To ensure that all the drivers are regularly screened for the presence of illegal drugs and alcohol
  • Policy Development ? To develop written policies regarding the use of drugs and alcohol that is in accordance with DOT regulations
  • Sleep Evaluation Program ? To identify excessive sleepiness and evaluate risk of accidents due to this condition

There are local as well as state and federal DOT regulations and the employees must be compliant with all those regulations. Employers are required to complete these steps whenever they hire a new driver in order to ensure a safer workforce and avoid any lawsuits later on. The working conditions also need to be safe for everyone. In addition to roadways and bridges, DOT physicals are necessary for employees seeking jobs in the industries of aviation, trucking, railways, public transit, maritime, and pipelines.

Many authorized physicians now offer this facility at their clinic in a comfortable setting to allow easy access for everyone. Usually you only need to schedule an appointment and the procedure will be completed in a single sitting.

The DOT Physical Procedure

If a transportation company is regulated by the DOT in California, its employees that consist of drivers will have to undergo regular physical exams in order to ensure their safety on the road and to ensure the safety of the public. Strict guidelines are to be followed and only a designated physician or doctor who has been certified by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator) is able to perform this test.

During the procedure, the driver?s eyesight and hearing are checked. In addition, blood pressure, pulse rate and breathing are also checked to look for any abnormalities. Urinalysis and physical examination are performed to diagnose any underlying disorders like diabetes, glaucoma, impaired respiratory functions, hernias, abnormal pulse, injury and signs of previous surgery, and neurological disorders. The doctor will also check for spine deformities and observe your general appearance. If you have a medical history that you want to get reviewed by the doctor, you must bring it to the clinic.

Health Requirements

The doctor will determine after performing all tests whether the candidate meets all the requirements of the DOT physical exam. He or she would then fill out the form on their behalf and sign it declaring them fit for driving a commercial vehicle. The medical certificate issued by the authorized physician would be valid for a certain time period, after which the driver will have to undergo a DOT physical again.

Here is a list of requirements for getting a DOT physical medical certificate;

  • Each eye must have a vision of 20/40 with or without vision aids, such as contact lenses or glasses
  • The person is able to differentiate between different colors, meaning he or she is not color blind
  • The blood pressure should not be more than 160/100 and it is permissible to take medication to achieve this threshold
  • If the driver suffers from diabetes mellitus and is not insulin-dependent, he or she is allowed to drive a commercial vehicle. However, if they are on insulin injectable, they will not be able to pass this exam
  • The maximum random blood sugar level the driver is allowed to have is 200
  • The driver must not be addicted to any drug, be it painkiller or any other narcotic medicine or illegal drug
  • The hearing needs to be good enough so that the driver is able to hear a whisper from a minimum distance of 5 feet
  • In case the driver has been diagnosed of a cardiovascular disease, he or she is required to bring a medical certificate signed by their doctor declaring that the person is fit to drive a commercial vehicle
  • The applicant also needs to mention if he or she suffers from any other disease, such as kidney disease, chronic pain, spinal cord injury, digestive problems, or epilepsy
  • The medical history of the applicant will be reviewed by the physician in order to

You need to find a certified doctor or physician near you and a clinic in Chula Vista California that offers DOT physical examinations.A driver can only drive a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) if he or she is physically fit and healthy with no serious mental disorder, drug addiction, or physical disability that puts them on risk of accidents.

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The transportation companies need to get all their drivers cleared for DOT and issue them valid DOT cards before handing them over their vehicles for driving. It is not possible to start doing business in California before completing all these steps for all your employees.


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