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Opiate Addiction and Suboxone Treatment

Opiate Addiction and Suboxone Treatment has become one of the major problems all over the US. Opiates are a class of prescription drugs commonly given for pain management and they include medicines like Vicodin and OxyContin. Vicodinis a combination of an opiate (hydrocondone) and paracetamol. It is an inexpensive medicine and easily available on the market to get rid of various types of aches and pains. There are many other opiate drugs available out there and people are actually getting addicted to these medicines because of their therapeutic properties and prolonged use.

What is an Opiate?

An opiate is essentially a natural medicine derived from the plant source known as opium poppy, which we are all familiar with. It was historically called the ?joy plant?. Ever since its discovery, opium has been used to relieve pain and induce sleep. Even if it is taken in its 100% pure and natural form, it is highly addictive and can also have severe long-term adverse effects. The natural derivatives of opium composed of one or more ingredients obtained from its sap are known as ?opiates?.

Opiate Addiction and Suboxone Treatment

Prolonged and uncontrolled use of opiates can give rise to what is known as ?opiate addiction?. The unlawful drug, known by the name of Heroin, also comes under this category in addition to many other commonly available medicines.Drug overdose causes death and opiate addiction accounts for thousands of deaths in the United States each year. Opiate addiction is now considered a disease for which several treatments have been put forth.

Difference between Opiates and Opioids

There is a closely linked category of drugs with opiates, known as opioids, and these two terms are often used interchangeably. The only difference between the two is that opiates are natural derivatives of opium, whereas opioids are man-made or synthetic formulations of opiates.Chemical processes are used to synthesize the active ingredients in opioids.

Both classes of drugs are used for acute as well as chronic pain management as most of them act directly on the central nervous system. Morphine is acommonly used opioid and has a huge potential for abuse owing to its highly addictive nature and so is Heroin, which is also illegal in most parts of the world.

Opiate Addiction and Suboxone Treatment in Chula Vista California

Opiates are sold illegally on streets of California and other states of the US.The sellers and abusers use many different terms to indicate an opiate in order to avoid being caught by the authorities. Some of these street slang words for opiates include Hammer, Dragon, Black tar, Horse, China White, and Gear. Prescription opiates are not intended for abuse but they are given to patients who are suffering from severe pain to get some relief. They are mostly given after a surgery to ease the post-operative pain. These opiates are totally legal and can be obtained from any drug store in California.

However, prolonged use of these drugs leads to addiction as they cause a rush of happiness because of release of artificial endorphins and dopamine into the bloodstream. A person starts feeling euphoric and forgets his worries for some time. This feeling of satisfaction makes him want to intake an opiate again after the initial sensation wears off.Repeated and prolonged use of these drugs causes the brain to stop producing endorphins and dopamine naturally and in order to feel that rush of happiness the person has no choice but to take the drug again.

This causes ?dependency?, which is physiologicalas well as psychologicalas it also causes some other symptoms like craving, feeling utterly depressed, feeling violent, losing weight, having mood swings, and losing appetite. Some physiological symptoms also take place if opiate drugs are not taken on time, such as nausea, swollen face, slow or fast heartbeat, rash, vomiting, low blood pressure, and chest pain.

Opiate abuse has become a common issue in Chula Vista California and its surroundings. Addicted people start having financial problems and their social and personal life as well as professional life is highly affected because of this addiction. They start avoiding their loved ones and ignoring their responsibilities and because of this arguments and fights take place almost regularly. They would also start lying to their partners about where all the money is going and become domestically violent if someone forcefully probes into their business.

Treatment for Opiate Addiction in San Diego California

If opiate addiction is not treated on time, it will eventually lead to death from overdose. In addition to checking for signs and symptoms of opiate abuse (as discussed above), it is also imperative to adopt a viable treatment to get rid of the disease once and for all.Detoxification is the first step in the treatment of opiate addiction in San Diego California. The toxins are removed from the system, which are the main cause of the addiction. Since the body is used to receiving opiates, the process of detox causes uneasy symptoms called ?withdrawal?.

These symptoms include restlessness, lack of sleep, anxiety, aggression, and lack of concentration. Diarrhea, fatigue and high blood pressure may also occur.

Suboxone Treatment

One of the most popular treatments for getting off Heroin and other opiates in the San Diego California region is treatment with Suboxone. It is essentially a medicine that provides relief from cravings and other psychological symptoms and makes the recovery possible.

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Physicians determine the exact dose of this medicine depending on the person?s condition and his ability to cope. This treatment is used in conjunction with rehabilitation therapy in which support is also provided to the individual so that he can get rid of this disease with his own will power.

Suboxone contains buprenorphine and naloxone. The dependence on opiates is targeted with this drug to reverse it. Together these two substances act to produce milder effects as produced by opiates, such as pain relief, feelings of happiness, and getting rid of depression. Once this occurs, the person is ready to receive other therapies to get rid of the dependency forever.


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